When to post on Social Media

When to post on Social Media

Despite the fact that social media links are “nofollow” and do not directly affect SEO or search engine traffic, an effective social media strategy has many benefits…

For one, social media can have an indirect impact on SEO by exposing your content to bloggers who may have otherwise not seen your content, and may therefore link to it in an upcoming post. Furthermore, social media platforms have grown into some of the most high-traffic websites in the world, offering webmasters a huge source of referral traffic.

Unfortunately, without a proper social media marketing strategy, it is difficult for any blogger to take advantage of this potential influx of traffic. In an effort to help bloggers know when to post on social media, Gary Dek of StartABlog123 has compiled a list of the best and worst times to post on social media sites. See below for a comprehensive guide on social media marketing.

Best times to post on Social Media.

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