Paignton Regatta 2018 still has a few days left to go…

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What a cracking week it has been at the Paignton Regatta. Last night there was Klassica and Wrong Jovi performing live on the Riviera FM stage. There was a huge turn out for this and it was a great evening of entertainment!

There is still a few tribute bands to go; Bee Gees, Take That and Elvis. Check the Paignton Regatta website for more details.

Here are a few of my photos from the evening…

Riviera FM is on Paignton Green all week

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Some of you may know that I co-host the #TorbayHour radio show on Riviera FM on Mondays. Rivera FM has a stage and live music will be going on all week. I went there yesterday and it was a really great day with lots of good music.

These were some of the pictures I took…

The live music carries on all week on Paignton Green from 10am each day.

A new website went live today

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No 87 is a traditional B&B in the heart of Wellswood, Torquay.

The client wanted a simple, clean, traditional looking website that matched their colours but was also within their budget. They wanted to able to update the website themselves so WordPress was the content management system of choice.

Feature wise, they wanted an ‘availability’ page which they could ‘easily’ update themselves. Most importantly they wanted people to know that they can get the best prices for the B&B by booking direct. This was something that the client wanted all over the pages and on every page.

The client is very happy with how the website looks and feels, it was exactly what they wanted, down to the last line of code.

If you want to discuss your project with someone who listens, please telephone me on 07828 467 753 or email


A new sunset over Torquay Harbour for sale

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Waiting for the right time can be time consuming and sometime frustrating. When you finally get the photo you wanted, all of that becomes worth it 🙂

The evening was calm, the waters were still. June and July in 2018 have been amazing. Beautiful weather for weeks but little cloud. This evening (28th June 2018) we had a few clouds lurking and I had to wait patiently as they slowly drifted over the harbour and marina.

This was the result of many months waiting for the right moment to take that shot.

Torquay Harbour and Big Wheel

A great example of why buying fake followers can damage your business

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It can be tempting to think about buying thousands of followers. Buying followers on Instagram, to look like an influencer, sounds like a great idea… BUT… on a platform like Instagram it really doesn’t work. On that platform it can look obvious and it can cause you lost business. Let me give you a great example from an account I recently found… Continue reading