More responsive sites go live and new work

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It has been a busy week this week.

I’d like to say hello to Claire from and I hope you can already see you’re in safe hands!

The X-Cart 5.1 update several weeks ago was a disaster for Elite titles  and required a lot of work to fix the errors X-cart caused with this update. X-Cart 5.2.4 which I installed today seems to have fixed many of their bugs but PayPal still has issues which I’m working on. After several years of using X-cart and having no problems this was worrying.

5 new websites have had the responsive touch this week. They all use a similar template so I am going through them very quickly.

I’ve updated the portfolio page to reflect some of the mobile additions.

I’ve also been playing around with another one of my sites: – Lots of tweaks and changes but I’m liking the new look site.

The design I created for is five years old and this will be one of the upcoming revamps.

I also have a revamp for a care agency website beginning soon.

The weirdness on Torbay fishing I posted about the other day was not resolved. The moment I made the site less responsive the ad revenue surged up. I will look at this another time when I’m less busy.

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The responsive design mystery

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During the week this week I updated TorbayFishing.Com to be more responsive.  The pages already scaled for mobiles and tablets but I wanted the whole page to scale seamlessly for desktop browsers, no matter the screen-size.

I switched the CSS rules for the structure to percentages, tested it across all browsers and uploaded it once I was happy it was working across the board.

Google analytics shows the hits are the same but the revenue from Adsense dropped by a whopping 82%. The ads are responsive so that wasn’t the issue. More people could see all the content and yet the revenue plummeted. I’ve had to switch back to the old version today and I’ll be setting up a A/B test on webmaster tools next week to see if I can track down the issue.

Sometimes doing the right thing can have huge consequences.


What the mobile changes on Google really mean

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On the 21st April 2015 Google announced that, for mobile users, they will start giving preference to the ranking positions of websites based on whether the sites were mobile friendly or not.


Shortly after they also announced that it may take a few days to a week for the results to start displaying correctly. Now that we’ve started to see the results filtering through let’s take a step back and examine what has happened. Continue reading

Latest updates – responsive styling

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I’ve been working several websites over the last few weeks to bring them inline with Google’s mobile changes which came into force on the 21st April. From that date Google will start giving preference to mobile-friendly websites on all mobile searches.

Results now show ‘mobile friendly’

Although some of the websites I have created look fairly complex they all have simplistic structures which enables them to be easily updated, or in this case, have a responsive design with little extra work.

Google do have a mobile test tool so you can check to see if your website already passes. If you have a website and you need help or advice then please contact me.

I have been busy adding responsive styling to a number of existing clients which include: Continue reading