Portrait, Headshot & Doorstep Photography

Do you need some higher quality photos for your social media, website or brochure?
Are you a model, actor or student needing some professional looking shots?
Perhaps you're a corporate business needing headshots or group photos?

I am available right now for social distancing sessions!
On your doorstep, on location or my home studio.

Evenings, weekends, at mine, at yours, on location, it makes no difference.

I'm ready to create some magic, just like you see below!

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Female portrait headshot for musical production. Male portrait headshot for musical production. Portrait for social media. Doorstep portrait. Headshot for university. Male portrait headshot for musical production. Female portrait headshot for musical production. half body portrait for her portfolio. half body portrait for Instagram use. Spiderman cosplay photoshoot. Halloween photoshoot indside Kents Cavern, Torquay. Spiderman photoshoot at home studio.

CATS, performing at Princess Theatre, Torquay.

CATS, performing at Princess Theatre, Torquay.

Are you an artist needing some photos?

If you are a singer, band, group, artist, musician etc, I can get you photos for your website and social media just as easily on stage as off stage...

Headshots and portraits for musicians and artists.

A Headshot is not just a Headshot. Often people require a variety of looks and I mix traditional headshots with a contemporary set of poses based on the type of pose that would be most useful. This could be full body, waist high or even action shots. It all depends on your requirements and ideas.

I use multiple flashes so I can completely control the light and I am not under any lighting restrictions (like only being able to shoot in natural light). If you are a performer, musician or artist, I can, as the photos above show, take high quality photos in even the most difficult and challenging lighting.

Headshot, Portrait & Rates

For corporate prices see my corporate photography page.

This is where it gets tricky. The price depends on many factors. Is it at my home studio or on location? How many photos do you need and how many hours do you want to book? Do you need a specific kind of lighting or all natural light? Do you need a make-up artist, props, a hair stylist? Does a venue need to be booked and will I need to make pre-visits? Is this a corporate headshot, a team photo, a corporate action shot?

Another big factor is how much post-processing you want me to do. The photos at the top took longer than the photos at the bottom but the retouching quality does shine through.

As you can see, the list is long and the costs will vary depending on the answers to those types of questions. A one light, home studio shoot will be a lot cheaper than an on location photoshoot with multiple lights and assistants. It's just too difficult to give a price without knowing what's involved, how much time and photos you need, as well as how complicated it may be.

If you don't mind contacting me (Emailing me or phoning me on 07828 467 753) to talk through it, I can happily and easily help find this rate with you.

Why choose me to photograph your portraits and headshots

I smile all day because I passionately love what I do. People can't help but smile for my photos when I'm smiling with them. That's why my shots look so natural instead of posed!

I am calm and relaxed, very approachable and I am very flexible with regards to your personal requirements.

Whatever you need, let's talk and see if we can create your vision through my lens. For your piece of mind, I hold an enhanced DBS/CRB certificate and I have full public liability insurance.

Phone me on 07828 467 753 or Email Me to discuss your needs.

Looking for something else?

I have multiple skills and can do more. Contact me to see how I can help you.

Happy Clients

"Would highly recommend Simon! Professional and lovely guy to work with and the quality of his photos are always fantastic!"
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"Would recommend 100%! Simon was so enthusiastic and had really thought out the shoot for us and the photos came out amazing! Thank you!"
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