A wedding at Holne Park House, Dartmoor

There is something special about Holne Park House for a wedding. The rooms are light and airy. The grounds are spectacular. The location was a lovely place for this wedding photographer!

James & Kara were the Bride and Groom. Everyone made me feel welcome, including the staff at Holne Park House. There were two other photographers and two videographers so shots and time were limited. I was happy to capture the detail shots, the groom prep and all the candid, natural shots I could find.

Talking of detail shots, the Wedding cake and cupcakes came from Big Bakes Bakery in Torquay and what an amazing job they did!

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A Wedding at Lupton House, Brixham

If you’ve never been to Lupton House in Brixham it is well worth a visit. Fancy a Wedding at Lupton House? I recommend it!

The grounds are beautiful with lots of places to have your wedding photos. On the day I was there photographing Sandie and Ray’s wedding, it was raining but that didn’t stop us or limit too much where to take the photos. There was just one shot the couple wanted that we couldn’t do because of the rain. Instead, we got creative and found plenty of other shots.

Lupton Trust does a wonderful job looking after the grounds. The gardens are splendid and the house is starting to really take shape on the outside.

On the day, Sandie and Ray had organised a LOT of activities to keep everyone entertained. One very popular activity was the Clayzer laser clay pigeon shooting. If you’re looking for something different, but something that will be popular, have a look into it. I think just about every guest played it.

If you’d like to discuss your wedding with me, I’d be happy to capture your day! For more photos from Sandie and Ray’s wedding at Lupton House, please visit my Facebook Album for their wedding day.

Wedding at Larkbeare House, Exeter

I went along as a second shooter yesterday and headed to Larkbeare House in Exeter, Devon. It’s surprising how many weddings I’m attending in Exeter 🌞

I enjoy being a second shooter because I can be more creative as I’m not giving all my attention to the Bride and Groom (That’s what the 1st photographer is doing).

I am always happy to approach people at the wedding and ask if they would like their photo taken. The vast majority will and I love also taking this type of photo.

People do open up and trust me immediately. That makes this job SO much easier!

If you want to know the kind of photos you’ll receive when I second shoot, look no further. Notice how none of my candids looks ‘staged’. It is all about the way you approach people, connect with them and make them relax into the photo.

It also helps that my cameras are silent so no-one can hear me coming for those totally candid shots…

#PhotographyNinja 📷🦸🏻‍♂️📷

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Photos from the Rowcroft Sleepwalk 2019

Rowcroft is a charity that I am very grateful exists. I shot the Male Trail earlier this year but this weekend it was the turn of the Rowcroft Sleep Walk 2019.

There are two routes, a five or ten mile walk, starting and ending at the Riviera International Conference Centre.

I followed the first group as they walked around Torquay Harbour, through Preston in Paignton, and then over to the Torbay Leisure Centre in Goodrington, Paignton.

The marshalls were all fantastic, so supportive and funny. Rowcroft could not have had a better bunch of people marshalling the event!

I have more photos on my Rowcroft Sleepwalk 2019 Facebook Post.

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Groom Prep At Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon

Groom prep isn’t something that happens all that often but you miss an important part of the day that the bride and everyone else would never see.

I went along to the Dartington Hall in Totnes and take photos of the Groom prep. The sky was clear but it was warm, very warm, the hottest day of the year so far. The Groom and Groomsmen did well to keep cool. The shade was our best friend.

There is so much banter, laughter and nerves. It was an honour to capture Andy and his Groomsmen as they prepared for the wedding!

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