Event photographer for ‘Music on the Meadows’ at Torre Abbey meadows in Torquay, Devon.

This was a quick tour around the Music on the Meadows event yesterday. I went to photograph one of the acts but while I was there wanted to portray the atmosphere through photography. This is how I got on…

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A March Wedding at Cockington Court, Torquay. A tale of why a wedding photographer is always adapting during the day…

No matter how planned a wedding is, no matter how meticulous you are, things can change. As a wedding photographer, you have to be able to adapt quickly to those changes and sometimes rejig an entirely new timeline, on the fly, to work those changes in. This was a great example of adapting to requests and changes.

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Gala Night Photographer at the TLH Carlton Hotel in Torquay, Devon

I love the wide range of events I get asked to cover. Gala nights are a favourite of mine because, just like weddings, there are lots of smiles and candid shots to capture. Let’s have a look at what an evening at the function room at the Carlton Hotel is like…

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Full dress rehearsal theatre photography at the Princess Theatre in Torquay, Devon

Ahhhh, it was SO nice to be back inside a Theatre photographing dress rehearsals again.

For many people seeing the Christmas Panto is a tradition. It is a very Christmassy thing to do! There is something magical about going to the Theatre, to see real people perform in front of you.

In this post, I talk about the show, the technical difficulties, and the camera equipment I used to get the shots you’ll see.

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Wedding photography at Cockington Church, with the reception at the Livermead Cliff Hotel, Torquay, Devon.

There is something special about Cockington Church in Torquay. The surroundings and the history make it a lovely place to have a wedding. Let’s see how the wedding photography went…

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Non-dress rehearsal for an amateur theatre production at the Princess Theatre, Torquay.

It is SO incredibly wonderful to be out photographing the things I couldn’t shoot throughout the lockdown. It is also SO nice to be meeting up with familiar faces again. Theatre work is a love and a passion so it was exciting to be able to get my camera gear ready for some rehearsal photography.

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