Osborne Hotel Torquay Wedding Photography ~ Rich & Saskia

Rich and Saskia’s Wedding at the Osborne Hotel was so lovely! I really enjoy being a Wedding Photographer at this venue. The recent redecoration of the ceremony room just adds that little bit of extra magic to the day.

Candid and natural wedding photographer

The couple didn’t want a load of posey shots. They wanted natural and candid. They chose me as their wedding photographer for exactly this reason. While group shots and formal shots are an important part of a wedding, it’s those smiles, tears, and emotions that will give you those joyous feelings when you look back through the photos.

The Osborne Hotel is located right on the edge of Meadfoot Beach in Torquay, Devon. The views from the grounds are spectacular!

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What to expect at the Osborne Hotel in Torquay

This is a venue where you can leave the decision to have the ceremony inside or outside to just an hour or two before the ceremony begins. This is great when our weather can be a little unpredictable.

As you see above, for this wedding it was inside but the new, light, and airy ceremony room is still lovely. I like to bring in some lighting to help light the room and the couple, who are backlit by all that lovely natural light filling the front of the room.

The most important thing is to register your car on arrival. The parking is monitored by cameras so you’ll need to make sure you’ve registered.

There is an inside and outside bar to choose from, and in the main reception room, you also have your own bar, away from any holiday guests staying in the hotel.

I was only here for the two-hour package so it was candids, ceremony, formals, and the Bride and Groom photos at the end. The weather allowed us to take all the main photos outside so that was perfect!

If you need a wedding photographer for your wedding in Torquay or anywhere else in Devon, please get in touch!

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