Beautiful April Wedding Photography at the Huntsham Court Country House in Devon

When I first saw photos of this venue, I was excited to photograph a wedding there. Dale and Ami were an incredibly relaxed couple who knew exactly what they wanted. The day was perfect!

The Huntsham Court Country House is situated near Tiverton in Mid Devon. It is an hour’s drive from where I live. I forwarned Dale and Ami that I’d be arriving early to cover any problems I may face getting to the venue. I ended up there Two hours early.

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What to do! Sony Camera, changing battery wiped photos (Sony A9, A7iii, A7iv). Rebuilding the database does NOT erase the photos!

I was halfway through a wedding day, the battery was getting low on one of my Sony A9’s. As I’ve done a thousand times, I turned off the camera, took the battery out, and put a new one in. This time, however, when I turned it on I had a black screen with a message saying something about rebuilding the database. You can’t stop it from happening and when it was done, my camera was saying there were no photos on the card. DO NOT PANIC, your photos are safe! This is what you need to do…

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