What to do! Sony Camera, changing battery wiped photos (Sony A9, A7iii, A7iv). Rebuilding the database does NOT erase the photos!

I was halfway through a wedding day, the battery was getting low on one of my Sony A9’s. As I’ve done a thousand times, I turned off the camera, took the battery out, and put a new one in. This time, however, when I turned it on I had a black screen with a message saying something about rebuilding the database. You can’t stop it from happening and when it was done, my camera was saying there were no photos on the card. DO NOT PANIC, your photos are safe! This is what you need to do…

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Headshot and portrait cheat sheet for actors, actresses and bands

There are things that I need to do but also there are things that you need to do to make a headshot photography session go really well. The last 30 minutes of a shoot are nearly always the best because you’re a lot more relaxed by then. Here are some tips to help make you stand out with your headshot.

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The Nikon 50mm F1.8

Event photography with a basic camera. Tips and tricks

So you’ve been given a level entry DSLR camera, like the Nikon D3300, D5300 or the Canon EOS range. Most come with a kit lens and you’d love to take professional-level photos at events? Although I’ve upgraded to professional bodies, let me share some event photography tips and tricks to help you on your way using the type of camera I started off with…

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Auditorium fears.

9 Steps to Help You Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

My first web design job meant travelling across Europe and giving presentations about the websites I had created. I had to stand up in front of many leading scientists and if they could see my hands they would have seen them shaking like crazy. I was young then and very nervous.

There are ways to tackle these fears. The following infographic by Entrepreneur gives really clear tips and steps you can take to help fight back the nerves.  Continue reading