Headshot and portrait cheat sheet for actors, actresses and bands

There are things that I need to do but also there are things that you need to do to make a headshot photography session go really well. The last 30 minutes of a shoot are nearly always the best because you’re a lot more relaxed by then. Here are some tips to help make you stand out with your headshot.

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Doorstep photography available now

Social distancing with telephoto lenses is actually very easy. My favourite portrait photography lenses are all lenses that require me to be from 3 metres to 15 metres away. Would you like a memento of these times, or maybe you need some new and exciting photos for your social media?

Your photoshoot can be on your doorstep, on location somewhere awesome or at my home studio with ample room for social distancing.

I will price this personal session for a set fee of £35 an hour. No extra charges or hidden costs. You will be sent the photos via wetransfer or googledrive within a day or two. Some basic enhancing will be done for all photos.

Contact me now via email or telephone 07828 467 753 to book your session.

Social distancing not a problem with my telephoto lenses.