On-location portrait photography

Tops Musical Productions needed two types of headshots, for 23 people, on location in a Country park and with limited setup time. These photos show what’s possible with a simple set-up.

Working as a photographer, theatre work is often the most challenging but also the most fun. Few people realise it isn’t just the dress rehearsal that needs to be photographed. It can also be the auditions, dance rehearsals, full costume photoshoot for media, production programme and social media. They, as in this case, also needed headshots for the programme.

The location was the Whitehill Country Park in Paignton. The cast of Chicago was split into three groups and I had limited time to get all the shots done. I also had to get a ‘sultry’ version and a smiley version for each person.

The set-up for their headshots was small and simple compared to others I’ve done. There was just one main light (An AD200 in a double diffused softbox), one reflector and one separation light (Speedlite) directly behind their head. The background was a collapsible backdrop I always take with me. This was the result of that simple set-up…

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Bonus points if you spotted the photo of me in there while I was testing out the lighting for the backdrop 🙂

Simon Day

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