Impromptu portrait photoshoot in Torquay, Devon

I picked up my daughters for only the second time since the lockdown. We don’t go out for daily exercises, so a lot of synchronicity came together for this unexpected and impromptu portrait and headshot shoot for their social media.

I picked them up from their home in Torquay and on the way back to Paignton we could see the sun setting and it looked wonderful. None of us had been out in the last several days so we decided to take a walk as the sun was setting.

We were very near a location I’d heard about, a footpath with few people and some interesting graffiti. I knew roughly where it was and with the help of an amazing lady by the name of Claire. We found the path and the graffiti.

When the lockdown is over I’ll be back often with proper lights and lenses. For now, it was a lovely walk there and a few nice photos for their social media…

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Simon Day

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