Birthday photographer for a 70th Birthday at Elton’s Piano bar in Torquay, Devon

I love going to new venues, especially ones where music not only fills the air but covers the walls. This was a birthday party in a fantastic new venue in Torquay. Let’s take a look…

I was approached on short notice to see if I could cover a 70th birthday. They were arriving in a limo and my role was to photograph their arrival and an hour inside the venue.

What can I say about the venue, Elton’s Piano Bar, other than WOW! As soon as I stepped inside I felt like I was a part of something special. Musical notes on the walls, glitter balls, photos of the legend himself. It really does feel like an amazing venue to eat, sing, dance, and enjoy.

Let’s just look at some sample photos from the evening…

So, I have been deliberately careful not to show too many photos of the guests. As a birthday party, there were mostly group shots and I don’t feel it is fair to show those to a wider audience. If you have me covering your birthday party, I would be doing the same for you. I’ve included some candid shots but I’ll keep the formal shots private.

It was a small party of eight and my task was to find the best spots for the group and portrait shots, as well as capture candids as the hour went along. There were lots of smiles so I was able to deliver over 100 photos in that hour and a bit (yeah, I was enjoying the evening so much I didn’t realise the time).

We were honored with live music, by the incredibly talented Greg Agar, the piano man. If you get a chance to see him perform you are in for a real treat. He was fantastic!

If you want a birthday party photographer please let me know!

Simon Day

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