Cockington Court Wedding Photography ~ Claire and Adrian

The soft wispy summer cloud acted as a wonderful diffuser during the wedding formals and confetti shots. Cockington Court is a wonderful venue for smaller weddings and this day was no exception.

This was a small wedding of just the Bride and Groom with Seven guests. These are often really good weddings as the intimacy of the small group of people can lead to strong emotions.

This couple chose my small Wedding Photography package of two hours of coverage. They weren’t having a wedding reception, opting for a meal at the Harbour Lights Restaurant in Paignton. They just needed me for the ceremony and the confetti, and formal photos after.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos…

The sun was out, but the harsh light was softened by a soft cover of wispy clouds. When we get this, the lighting always looks so pleasant. I had my own light to fill in the shadows a little, but not much was needed.

The Cary room at Cockington Court is now the default room for weddings. It can hold up to 55 guests so it’s bigger than the smaller room they used to use. There is also a lot more natural light and the couple are no longer standing in a doorway, so the photos look much nicer.

After the ceremony, we headed to the Rose Gardens for the first formal shot and then headed to the path by the church for the confetti and other formal shots.

The Bride had wanted a photo of her sons next to her Mum. They have a running joke where they are all taller than she is. I built upon this and took them up to a step stile and had the boys stand on the first rung, with their nan below them. The Bride absolutely loved this shot and was in fits of laughter while I was setting it up and taking the shot 🙂

The grounds of Cockington give so many locations for lovely shots. As long it isn’t raining, this is a great place to have your wedding!

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