Theatre Photography – A promotional shoot for Grease, The Musical

This was one of my favourite promotional shoots so far. The vibrance of colour, the perfect location, and the perfect vintage car. Add to this mix an incredible cast, and you have the perfect afternoon of promotional theatre work.

The location was Jack’s Diner, down on the harbourside in Torquay. The retro diner feel is so well done. I was seriously impressed at how good the theme looked.

We had a couple of reserved tables and the rest of the restaurant was open to the public. We chose a good time to start the photoshoot as the sun was out and most people were sitting outside.

This was a 3 light set-up. A single light for the headshots, and two lights for the main table where there cast would sit in groups. I was allowed in early to set-up so this gave me ample time to dial everything in and get the lighting right before they all arrived. Everything went on track and on schedule, just as it always does.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos I took that day…

You can see what I mean by how vibrant and well-lit the indoor scene was. There was minimal editing required which meant I had delivered these photos within a couple of hours of getting home. I always try to deliver at least some preview photos on the same day. On this occasion, I could deliver all 170 photos soon after getting home.

Once we were done at Jacks, we headed over to Princess Theatre in Torquay where a vintage Chevrolet was parked up for some shots outside of the theatre.

Camera equipment used

I had my Sony A7IV with me (and a backup one, just in case!). I came with the perfect 3 lenses for this shoot; the 24-70, the 16-35 and the 70-200. I would say that 95% of the shoot was on the 24-70 this time around. The 16-35 was really useful for the inside car shots!


I love the diversity of shoots I get when it comes to being a Theatre Photographer. No two photoshoots are ever the same and I really love that!

Simon Day

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