Theatre Photographer for the dress rehearsal of ‘Shrek’, at the Princess Theatre in Torquay, Devon

I really do love Theatre Photography and one of the best parts is being the Photographer for dress rehearsals. A local amateur theatre company put on one of the most professional productions I’ve seen to date! Let’s see how it went and how I was able to deliver the first 90 promotional photos within 3 hours of the show ending…

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Theatre Photographer for “A Right Royal Variety Show”, at Teignmouth’s Ice Factory Studio Theatre.

Teignmouth Players asked me to come to their dress rehearsal to take photos to use for promotional material. With a turn-around of just two hours for the start of delivery, let’s look at how the performance went and how I was a benefit to the show and cast…

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Dance group photographer using the stage at the Palace Theatre, Paignton.

Anyone who reads my Theatre blogs may smile at this post. I often speak about the ‘Purple Beam of Doom’ LED light. In this case, I actually wanted it on for a dance group photoshoot. Let’s see how it went…

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Feeling festive with another dress rehearsal. This time at the Palace Theatre, Paignton.

I hope you’re all ready for this big day! For me, the Theatre is a magical part of Christmas. Two weeks ago I was asked to photograph the Dress rehearsal for a local dance school. How could I refuse this close to Christmas 🙂

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Full dress rehearsal theatre photography at the Princess Theatre in Torquay, Devon

Ahhhh, it was SO nice to be back inside a Theatre photographing dress rehearsals again.

For many people seeing the Christmas Panto is a tradition. It is a very Christmassy thing to do! There is something magical about going to the Theatre, to see real people perform in front of you.

In this post, I talk about the show, the technical difficulties, and the camera equipment I used to get the shots you’ll see.

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