Capturing the Spirit: A Charity Golf Tournament at Dainton Golf Course

June 14th was a day filled with community spirit and charitable giving at the Dainton Golf Course in Ipplepen, Devon. I had the privilege of photographing a charity golf tournament organised by Co Create Architects to support the Children’s Hospice South West. Let’s find out how the day went…

A Cloudy Start

The day began under a thick blanket of clouds, with the threat of rain looming. Upon arrival, I made my way to the lounge area to find the organiser, Alistair. Inside, the atmosphere was warm and inviting. My work began with some indoor shots, capturing the initial buzz and excitement of the participants gathering. A bacon roll and a lovely coffee soon followed – a perfect start to fuel a long day ahead.

On the Greens

With my stomach content and my energy levels up, I ventured outside to find golfers practising their putting. The clouds provided a soft, diffused light, ideal for the initial photos. The golfers, focused and enthusiastic, were keen to start the day’s activities.

I then made my way to the first tee to capture the first group teeing off. Despite a light drizzle, spirits were high, and the soft light enhanced the mood of my photographs, adding a gentle, natural touch to the scenes.

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A Tour of the Course

Ali, the organiser, ensured I had the best vantage points throughout the day. He secured a golf cart for me, which became indispensable for navigating the expansive course. My first significant stop was the 8th hole. Here, a large hut offered amenities such as toilets and vending machines, and for this special event, it also featured hot pasties and plenty of cold drinks. This spot was perfect for capturing candid moments as golfers took breaks and mingled. The pasty and cold drink I enjoyed here were an unexpected bonus, adding a personal touch to my experience.

Capturing the Game

Throughout the day, I roamed the course, capturing various aspects of the tournament. The challenges and triumphs of the golfers were abundant. From the frustration of trying to get a ball out of a sand trap to the excitement of competitions that tested the golfers’ precision, each moment was a story in itself.

The Sony 70-200mm lens was perfect for these shots, allowing me to capture close-ups without intruding on the players’ concentration. Meanwhile, the 24-70mm lens was invaluable for wider shots, showcasing the beautiful landscape of Dainton Golf Course and the groups of participants in action. For indoor shots, my Godox V1 speedlights were on hand to ensure perfect lighting.

The 18th Hole Finale

As the day drew to a close, I was driven to the 18th hole. This final leg of the course was where I captured the first ball sinking into the hole, a moment of triumph and relief for the players. The first group to complete the course celebrated their achievement, and I was there to document their joy and camaraderie.

Reflecting on the Day

This charity golf tournament was more than just a game. It was a testament to community spirit, generosity, and the shared goal of supporting a noble cause. The Children’s Hospice South West, the beneficiary of the event, provides essential care and support to children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Being part of an event that contributes to such a worthy cause added a layer of significance to my work.

Photographing this event was a rewarding experience. The challenge of capturing both the action and the emotion of the day was made easier by the cooperative weather, the stunning location, and the enthusiastic participants. My equipment performed flawlessly, with the Sony A7IV cameras and the range of lenses allowing me to adapt to different shooting conditions seamlessly. The Godox V1 speedlights ensured that even the indoor shots were perfectly lit, adding a professional polish to the final images.


As I packed up my gear and headed home, I reflected on the day’s events. The Dainton Golf Course had provided a beautiful backdrop for a day filled with fun, competition, and charity. The participants, organisers, and supporters all contributed to a successful event that will make a difference in the lives of many children and families.

Documenting this tournament was a reminder of the power of community and the impact we can have when we come together for a cause. I left the course not just with a collection of photographs but with a sense of having witnessed something truly special. The images I captured will serve as a testament to the day’s events, preserving the memories and highlighting the importance of giving back.

Overall, the charity golf tournament at Dainton Golf Course was a day to remember, and I am grateful to have been a part of it. Through the lens of my cameras, I was able to tell the story of a community united in purpose, showcasing the best of what we can achieve together. I want to give a final, and special thank you to Ali from Co Create Architects for making sure I was looked after with food and drink! You made the day that much more special for me!

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