Berry Pomeroy Castle.

A truly remarkable ghost photo at Berry Pomeroy Castle taken in 1973 by Tim Brook.
This photo is © 1973 Tim Brook.

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This is what he said:

" I have attached the photo i took In 1973, with my Instamatic camera.

The "Ghost" as it appears to me, is in the left hand bottom corner, which looks like a young girl in a bonnet and holding maybe a spray of flowers?. Its certainly Intrigued me over the last 30 years!!.

It was a summer day when we visited and as we arrived we had no prior knowledge of the Ghost stories surrounding the Castle. My Mothers first comments were, "What an Evil feeling it has", which I've since read about in the books on its history. The "Ghost" wasn't visible as I took the photo, but appeared after It was developed, but doesn't seem to be a Camera fault. I hear many people have seen a similar figure there over the years?

I've visited the Castle since over numerous years and only once since, have I "Heard" a Ghost.  A young voice shouting "Maggie, Maggie"......coming from the vicinity of the Castle. I was alone at the time!. Could that have been connected to Margaret Pomeroy I wonder?.

The castle continues to Interest me and no doubt I'll be back again soon!"


For many years there have been sightings of a ghost which looks like a little girl. Her name is Isabelle. I have seen her just once and it was one of those rare times that I actually didn't want to be down there. Looking at the ghost in the photo it does look remarkable like her.

Added January 2004

Hi there. Have enjoyed reading your website. I have visited Berry Pomeroy on various occasions, and each time something has happened. Only last weekend I visited with my wife, sister in law and brother in law at about 11pm Saturday night. 3 of us starting down the path to the castle.

After about 100yds we heard voices whispering and saw a lamplight type glow further down the path. We stopped and waited, still listening to the voices, We turned round and headed back to the gate. The voices followed. Back at the car I switched ont eh lights and pointed the car down the path - no one was there, but all of us felt icy cold and as if someone was there.

2years ago on my first visit with a friend at about 1am we were walking back up the path when I sensed something behind me. I stopped, turned round and was then pushed in my chest and thrown off my feet onto the ground. Once again I went icy cold and felt like someone was stood over me.

Added: November 2003

I visited Berry Pomeroy with some friends on the 1st November 2003, it was around 9pm, we walked all over the castle and down in the dungeon taking photos with my digital camera, i noticed on this picture someone standing in the small window (where there is no floor), I have enhanced the image (but not added anything), the circle on your right is the original, and the one on the left is the enhanced blown up view, it would be interesting if you could see exactly what i am seeing. can you see a man in a tie looking down at us and do you recognise him???

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