A personal night-time Motorbike Photoshoot in Torquay, Devon.

It has been quite a while since I last went out with my cameras and did a personal project. My Son William is at College and he has a number of friends who he’s done motorbike photoshoots for, but never at night. I wanted to try a couple of night-time ideas and this is how it went.

We drove down to Oddicombe Beach in Torquay and I went about setting up a 4 light set-up. I had a single (non-gelled) main light, a blue gelled side light, a red gelled side light, and a white backlight situated behind the bikes.

I had a non-gelled main light because I didn’t want their faces and bodies to also be colour gelled. I used a grid on the main light to keep the light focused on them.

After this shoot, we headed to Torquay seafront and I took a couple of long exposure photos as buses were passes through the scene. This made for an interesting visual and I really like the results from all the photos.

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Equipment used for this motorbike photoshoot:

  • Sony A7IV
  • Sony 85mm f1.4
  • Sony 16-35mm f4
  • Godox AD600 Pro
  • 2 x Godox AD200
  • Godox V1

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