Great Mac RSS feed tool

It can be difficult to find the latest news relating to content you wish to share on social media. Many tools cater for PC but for us Mac users there are still some really good ones that you may have missed…


Feedy is an app for your mac that will allow you to input multiple RSS news feeds. The process for adding feeds is really simple…


Once you have your feeds added just click on the ‘Stories’ icon and you can visually see the latest posts from all the feeds. You can also configure it to display a message on the screen once a new one appears.

You can also set-up how many of the posts from feeds you wish to see by setting a percentage of popularity…


It has a preview mode so if you click on the image for any of the stories a window will popup with a cut-down version of the site for easy readability.

I was using but I like having an app version sat on the screen and showing me instantly and clearly when new stories have appeared on any of the feeds. At $1.99 it doesn’t break the bank and I haven’t come across any bugs except for an occasional crash.

I have tried several RSS feed apps but this is the only one I can work happily with.

Simon Day

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