How long does it take Instagram and Facebook to delete a reported image?

I’ve recently had an issue, one that I couldn’t resolve with the person involved. I had set up a campaign based on a modification of one of my photos, which was due to launch in a little under two weeks. This person took a photo of mine without permission, did the exact same edit, posted it on their social media channels and then refused to take it down. People who follow me were seeing their version so I had no choice but to report them for copyright infringement and these were the results:

To delete a photo on copyright infringement grounds took:

Instagram – 4 hours to remove the post (reported on a Saturday, late afternoon)

Facebook – 4 hours to remove the post (reported early evening on the same Saturday)

Some things that really helped…

Communicate first

I left a nice comment on their Instagram post simply saying could they take it down, just for now,  as I had worked on a campaign based on the same image. I checked back an hour later and this person had deleted my comment and my photo was still up. I knew at that point there wasn’t any more point in trying to resolve this with them. My photo was gaining traction on their social media so I had no choice left but to report them.

After I had reported them I left another comment saying it was a shame I had to report them (hoping they would take it down) but they kept it up until it was deleted by Instagram.

Make sure you check their other social media channels

This person didn’t mention they had posted it elsewhere which is why I didn’t know about Facebook until later that evening. I already knew there wasn’t any point asking this person to remove it from Facebook so I reported it to Facebook as well. Check all their social media platforms for your photos or images as there is a chance you’ll find them there too.

URL’s to report copyright infringement

At time of writing they are:

Instagram –

Facebook –

Be nice

When Instagram and Facebook removed my photo for him, this person got a little silly with their comments. I’m not angry with this person and I left them a comment simply saying there are no hard feelings, they can still use the unedited image until my campaign was over and after that time they could use their modification to my photo.

Don’t get nasty

Don’t rise to whatever level they rise to. Remain calm and civil. Don’t get into a comment flame war. Respond once to a comment in a way that reflects well on you and leave it there.


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