Now 8,000 followers on Twitter and 30k tweets

So in five weeks I’ve grown my Twitter account by another 1,000… yay! 🙂 I also hit 30,000 tweets on my account during this period… double yay! 🙂

Here’s a breakdown of what happens when you have 7,000+ followers plus some talk about my tweeting milestone…

Follower News

For the most part I did little ‘active’ following for followers. By this I mean a large number of the new followers were not being followed by me first.

Latest Twitter numbers.

The last 100 followers I did push hard and, just like every other time, those last 100 were really difficult to get. I had to follow 400 people to get 100 to follow back, a MUCH lower ratio than normal but I expected it for that last push.

For me getting new followers to follow me back is always easiest on a Tuesday. I’ve experimented on every different day but Tuesday is the best day for me to get new followers… by a mile!

Likes and retweets have risen but more importantly more influencers have retweeted and I’m also growing the number of people who regally retweet my tweets.

It really does it easier and easier to increase natural followers, RT’s and likes as you progress.

If I use a trending hashtag in a tweet I’ve noticed more people like and retweet. One such post had 115 engagements which I think is my highest yet…

Tweet engagement.

I tend to not use trending tags that often. I only normally use them when I think it is going to bring a smile and some clicks 🙂

Tweeting News

Reaching 30,000 tweets is a big milestone for me. It’s something that seemed to sneak on me quite quickly. I’m very active in the Twitter chats like #TorbayHour so they do speed up that figure a fair bit.

I’m trying to source more ‘latest news’ than I have before and I’ve also reduced slightly my schedule daily tweets. I’ve also stopped all scheduled tweets on a Saturday so I can use it for photos etc when I’m out and about.

I’m constantly tweaking and messing around with what I do on Twitter but it is still the platform I enjoy using the most!


Simon Day

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