Portrait photography at Torquay Marina and Rock Walk.

After a couple of wonderful Halloween portrait sessions, it was time to get back to normal and photograph some portraits for a model. The locations were Princess pier and Rock walk in Torquay…

I had the opportunity to photograph a very talented model called Paige Amelia. We both wanted to go with an autumnal feel to the shoot. I also wanted a wide-angle portrait on some steps that light up blue at night.

Here are a few examples of the shots taken at the session…

Because of half term, Princess pier in Torquay was very busy but it was the location I wanted to use for some ideas I had. Paige was amazing and with almost no prompting knew exactly what I wanted from each pose.

I used a wide-open aperture for the most part because of the number of people around us.

I knew beforehand which outfit Paige would be wearing. I knew the blue lights on the steps at Rock Walk (a.k.a. the Royal Terrace Gardens) would really compliment the outfit choice. I wanted to elongate her leg and fill the photo with the scene as well, so for the Rock walk shots, I went with a 20mm F1.8 lens.

Here is a BTS (Behind the scenes) photo of my set-up…

I have been at the location quite a lot. Never have I seen so many people wanting to use these steps. In the half an hour we were there at least 3 dozen people wanted to go up. It was worth the pausing to get the shots 🙂

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Simon Day

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