The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Email Marketing

Email marketing has never been easy beast to control. With so many different devices and software to read emails it can be difficult to know the best way forward. So let’s look at some options together…

The most important thing to realise in this day and age is that a HUGE percentage of users will be reading your emails on mobile devices. This statistic will keep on increasing. You MUST make sure that your content is viewable on small screen devices.

I receive emails from several companies and another mistake many make is having all the content ‘image-based’. I have to load a big image to see the content of the email. I’m on a capped bandwidth limit on my mobile so those emails get deleted before I look at them… unless I’m on wi-fi at the time.

The team at GetApp shows how to get the most out of your email marketing…


Email cheat sheet.

Simon Day

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