Starting in May, Google is boosting the rank of mobile websites

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Is your website mobile friendly? Have you taken the free mobile-friendly test yet? There is a big rolling-out of changes happening with the mobile search results on Google in 3 weeks time. Read what you need to know and how to check…

In May last year Google released an update where is started to include a “Mobile friendly” notice next to websites that had passed its Mobile-Friendly test. They also started experimenting with rank positions for those who catered for small screen sizes.

From May this year Google have announced that they will start rolling out their latest update which will increase the effect on ranking for those websites that are mobile friendly.

How do I know if my website will pass?

Thankfully Google have a tool for you to check your website and it’s free:

Mobile-Friendly Test

What you want to see is this:

Mobile friendly-results

Where do these changes happen?

These changes are for mobile searches on Google. More than half of all searches on Google are now on mobile devices so it has been something that shouldn’t have been ignored for quite some time.

I can’t create a mobile friendly site… help!

I’ve been creating responsive websites for the last few years. Time is running out but it’s not too late.

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