A portrait photoshoot with graffiti and levitation. Shot in Torquay, Devon.

Because of shielding, sometimes you need to ask your family to help. In this case, I needed some specific example photos for an upcoming project. Thankfully my son was happy to help and when a teenager loves the results, you know you’ve done it right 🙂

I had to have the portrait photos in Torquay. At the time of the photoshoot it had to be local because of the lockdown restrictions. Thankfully I knew about this place, having scouted it before. The graffiti does change but it’s created by very talented artists.

Having mostly posed adults, it was great discussing this with my Son and coming up with a list of poses that we both love. Teenagers have their own style, which is usually one where they block and cover their faces. To find poses we could both use wasn’t as challenging as I thought it may have been.

Photography with young adults is not much different to photographing adults. The last 30 minutes is still the best because people are usually completely relaxed in front of the camera by that time.

The levitation was the one that took the longest. It was not easy for William to get the perfect pose because he only had a split second to hold it before he had to put his legs back on the ground. We had quite a few attempts but we were both really happy with the end photo of him levitating.

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Simon Day

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