Business photoshoot of new van decals, at Meadfoot beach and St Marychurch, Torquay

Langs in St Marychurch, Torquay needed the new decals on his van photographed in a location that people would know was Torquay. Meadfoot was the perfect choice for the job in hand…

I wanted to photograph his van in two different locations in and around Meadfoot beach and Thatcher rock. Even though the lockdown was still in effect, both locations were completely rammed with people and parked cars. Two of the locations I wanted we couldn’t use because of the sheer volume of parked cars.

Instead of being above the cafe and toilets, we ended up parked beside the toilets and shooting across the sea, with Thatcher Rock in the background.

After the shoot we went back to his shop and I took some more shots of the exterior with the van, then a few detail shots inside the shop.

In total, I provided nearly 50 processed photos for use on his website and social media.

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Simon Day

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