Christening Photographer for a ceremony in St Swithun’s Church, Woodbury, Exeter, Devon.

I haven’t been a photographer for a Christening for a while, so I was excited to be asked to photograph another one. The location for the Christening and reception were both in Exeter so let’s see how it went.

St Swithuns Church is located in Woodbury Exeter. A beautiful old church in the heart of Woodbury. The Vicar and the Church Attendants were so lovely, kind, and helpful.

Quite often, there will be restrictions for photography. One of the reasons I always arrive early is to introduce myself to the Vicar and attendants, then ask what I am allowed and not allowed to do during the ceremony. There is always something so it’s good for me to know what the restrictions are.

In this case, it was no flash and no photographs of the congregation. The Christening was part of the Sunday service so I had to be careful not to include anyone other than the Christening people. That’s not easy when the Christening guests are mixed in with the congregation 😉

Let’s take a look at how it went:

The church has Tunstgen lighting, but it also had huge electric heaters mounted on the ceiling. This meant that the photos had two different orange colours fighting again the natural light pouring through the scene. I would normally use bounce flash to negate the nasty oranges but as I wasn’t allowed to use it, I had to do what I could in post after. I made sure I took this all into account before I took my first shot and I dialed in the settings needed to balance it all out as best as could be done.

After the service, it was off to Woodbury Park, a Golf course and hotel which is also in Exeter and not too far from the Church. I was only there for a brief period of time to get some candids and more photos of the parents, GodParents, etc.

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Simon Day

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