A Wedding Photographer’s Tale at Rockbeare Manor, Exeter

My very first ever Wedding (back in February 2018) was as a second photographer at the Rockbeare Manor. That first time I was full of nerves, worries, and apprehension. It was so wonderful to be back there for this wedding. Let’s dive in and see how the day unfolded.

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Wedding Photography at a Breathtaking Church in Exeter, Devon: An Unforgettable Spring Celebration.

Imagine a warm May day in the exciting city of Exeter, Devon. The church was bathed in soft, natural light. With 120 cherished guests in attendance, the air was filled with excitement and anticipation as the celebration unfolded seamlessly. From joyful confetti-filled moments outside the church to capturing exquisite photographs against stunning backdrops, every detail of this day was carefully orchestrated, leaving a joyful mark on the hearts of all who attended.

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Just married at Larkbeare house

Wedding at Larkbeare House, Exeter

Edit: To see my latest Larkbeare wedding, see: Another amazing wedding at Larkbeare House, plus Exeter University

I went along as a second shooter yesterday and headed to Larkbeare House in Exeter, Devon. It’s surprising how many weddings I’m attending in Exeter 🌞

I enjoy being a second shooter because I can be more creative as I’m not giving all my attention to the Bride and Groom (That’s what the 1st photographer is doing).

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