Groom Prep and Church Wedding in Exeter, Devon.

I haven’t been a second photographer for a couple of years now. A local wedding photographer was asking for a second to photograph the Groom Prep. I know our two styles of edits are very close so I stepped in.

The location for the Groom Prep was at the Groom’s house in Exeter. The church ceremony was at the St Thomas Centre in Exeter.

This was a short and sweet day. I didn’t need to get any of the formals and I stuck to photographing the Groom so Glenn could focus on the Bride. He was away covering the Bridal prep and I was at the Groom’s house, photographing the Groom prep.

Here is a small selection of my photos from the day…

It was nice to not have the pressure you normally feel when you’re in control of the entire day of wedding photography. If I’m free and you’re looking for a second photographer for a wedding, drop me a message.

Wedding Photography Gear Used:

2 x Sony A9’s
1 x 85mm F1.4
1x 24mm F1.4
1x Godox V1
1x Godox TT685s

Simon Day

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