Is someone copying every single one of your tweets?

Alas, this does happen and it has happened to me… twice! It’s very easy to deal with these bots so let’s take a look at how…

So one day you’re sat at your computer, you post a tweet and then this happens…

Twitter Copy Bot

Moonwolf by Design have been targeted by a Twitter bot which uses a script to pull your tweet and then post the exact same (or similar) tweet, as if it was their tweet. Quite often they have a pinned tweet that they want people to visit. They sometimes don’t follow anyone back and they use this script on multiple accounts at once. Each account could be using their own unique hashtags, so they can target lots of hashtags, look like experts in that field… without ever typing or doing anything.

The quickest solution is to ‘Block their account’. Look for the ‘cog’ icon next to the ‘follow’ icon as shown here:

How to block a bot on Twitter.

When you click on that cog one of the options is ‘Block @XXXX’. Click on that and the problem will instantly go away.

If you simply unfollow them they can still see your tweets and they can carry on pretending to be you, so unfollowing alone will not solve this problem! You have to block the account so the script can no longer read your tweets and copy them.

This is a really simple solution but there isn’t much online explaining what to do and how easy it is to stop it from happening. I hope that helps!

Simon Day

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