Please don’t be one of the annoying twitter DM spammers!

I get that having a large following entails a certain amount of spammy DM’s but if you’re one of those trying it please think carefully. I’ll explain why…

I receive roughly 20-50 spam DM’s a day and maybe 3 or 4 real DM’s a month. The ratio of spam to legit is ginormous!

I grew up in the age where filtering spam emails from real emails was once a real struggle and it wasn’t uncommon for me to receive a hundred or more spam emails per day. I loathed that part of the internet.

Thankfully that’s all moved on and my email inbox is clear of spam pretty much all the time. It seems that Twitter DM’s are now the part of being online I loathe.

You shall not pass.

I have never and will never click on any link or business that sends me a spam DM. I don’t care if you’re offering even 100% off, I refuse to ever be a reason why DM spammers seem to think it works. It will NEVER work on me and you do your business harm by sending me them.

Many people will unfollow and even block a spam DM account. Reaching out is good, that’s what hashtags are for. Sending a spammy DM is the worst way possible to reach your audience.

It’s sad when I see local companies like Old Bridge Antiques sending me a spam DM within seconds of following them. Why? Why risk your account being blocked or unfollowed? I just unfollowed you with 8 accounts. Not a lot I know but it makes me feel better 🙂

If you have very few followers then this isn’t really much of an issue but as your follower count grows it becomes a bigger and bigger problem.

Please, think before you set up an automated DM script!

Simon Day

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