Wedding Photographer at Torre Abbey in Torquay. A unique venue for a wedding!

I have a feeling that few people realise that you can get married at Torre Abbey. Have you wondered what it would be like or look like? Let’s take a look together!

Torre Abbey is located right next to the main beach in Torquay. This is a HUGE building which is set on 18 acres of land.

There are plenty of options in Torre Abbey as to where you’ll have the ceremony. This couple chose ‘The Undercroft’.

I’ve not said this before but please, PLEASE choose your wedding photographer very carefully for the Undercroft! There is little natural light and a lot of issues to resolve if you use lighting. Getting the right balance is extremely difficult if you want a lighter, brighter scene.

In the example below you’ll see the issues. The left photo shows you how it will look with natural light, very dark at the back so you can’t see the guests. The right photo clearly shows a flash is being used because of the low ceilings. We can all agree, it looks pretty naff. Then the photo below those two shows how we mixed the ambient and flash to give a really pleasant light to the scene…

We didn’t want to completely overpower the mood of the room but we needed to better balance the light across the scene. You need to ask your photographer to show that they are capable of photographing challenging rooms like this one!

Let’s take a look at the wedding couple’s day at Torre Abbey…

The staff at Torre Abbey are simply AMAZING! They would do anything to help and did everything they could for both the couple and for me. I like to scout new venues before the big day. Phil was a legend. Thank you SO much!

With this venue, it doesn’t really matter what the weather is doing as you have so many options as to rooms to photograph in, as well as the mighty Spanish Barn, which they had for their reception.

This couple had an Elvis theme so the Spanish Barn was decorated with this theme in mind. The Barn has its own Bar so it is very self-sufficient. A hog roast was set-up outside which provided amazing food for all the guests, and even a couple of hungry photographers 😉

Parking is a little difficult here but there is plenty of paid parking all around. I’d recommend parking at the very bottom of the Riviera Centre, next to the tennis courts. This is the closest parking and it is usually quiet there because people don’t realise there is parking all the way down there.

Wedding Venue Summary

This is a unique venue for a wedding. If you want to get away from the norm, it will be difficult to find somewhere more unique, with grounds as stunning as these. Just be careful which wedding photographer you choose if you pick the Undercroft!

Simon Day

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