Why do I blog?

Every now and then I get asked why I blog and should they blog too? Today I’m going to answer those questions for everyone.

Google likes website where the content changes and new content is added. While it prefers very popular content, it can still help your own site creep up the rankings.

99% of my new business is word of mouth. This website was neglected for many years because I simply didn’t need it. About two years ago this website wouldn’t have been found anywhere. A search for ‘web designer torquay’ would have placed me on page 35. This site was invisible.

I kept being asked for the same type of questions via phone, email and tweets, so I thought it would be useful to create a blog so I didn’t have to keep writing the same things to clients over and over. Each time I was emailed a question I could link to the post. It made my life a lot easier. I also came across some great infographics that I wanted to keep and share as well other things like fixes to bugs I’d uncovered.

I experimented by posting once a month, then once a week and have more or less done so since April 2015. The improvement of my placement on Google was fantastic. I’m now around 4th or 5th on the first page. It took months and months for the improvements to start coming but as time goes on it steadily keeps improving.

I try to keep within the bounds of my own type of work but not everyone will like everything I write. Some will find it useful and some won’t. It’s the nature of the beast. I’m not a brilliant copywriter, nor a semi-decent one, I simply write what I’m thinking. Even so…

I have seen a 13,993% increase in visitors because of this blog

I’ve seen the enquiries through the website blossom. There is no doubt about it, blogging really works if the content is good enough for people to keep checking back. I have 25,000% more views and the bounce rate has dropped by 35%.

Statistically more and more businesses are using tools to add new content to their websites. Blogger and WordPress take the lion share but there are plenty of tools out there to assist you in creating new content.

If you’re looking for other good reasons to be blogging then this brilliant infographic from blogging.org has everything you need to convince you…

State of blogging.

When I write a new post I tweet it and post in on Facebook, so other people can see what I’ve done. It’s a good way of getting the word out there.

The stats show that it is always worth taking those few minutes to promote it on social media.

Simon Day

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