Why do you need a website?

Why do I need a website?

Many business faithfully rely on newspaper and magazine advertising for their business. I have come across many business that are spending hundreds of pounds a month to reach a smaller and smaller audience. So why go online?

Holidays a good example of why being online is critical. Currently around 8 in 10 people book their holiday online.

Way back in the late 90’s I built a website for a camp site in Devon and they were spending thousands of pounds a year in newspaper and magazine advertising. Within two years they had almost completely stopped offline advertising because the website was filling the campsite all by itself. By paying to have a website designed he saved a fortune.

So let’s look at some really good reasons for having a website:

Reason #1 – Readership

A website is your online brochure. Unlike newspapers and magazines which have ever dwindling readership, the internet is BOOMING so your website can be seen by hundreds of millions of users.

Reason #2 – 24hrs a day

Your website runs 24/7, 365 days a year. With offline advertising you’re restricted to dates of publication etc. With an online presence you’re always available.

Reason #3 – Updatable

You can update a website easily. Just had a party of 10 cancel for this weekend? Add a promotion on the website, blog and/or social media to fill it.

Reason #4 – Customer Support

A simple F.A.Q page may be enough but with a website you could also use real-time chat support to add an extra layer of interaction. Combine this with a support form and social media for your small business and you have a truly great and engaging customer support system.

Reason #5 – you@you.com

By having your own domain you also have your own email address, both of which look great on all signage.

Reason #6 – You are your own boss

No having to limit the text to fit an advert box, no worrying about deadlines, no worrying about what you can and can’t say. With your own website you are in total control over all of it. No-one can tell you what to do or when or how. Everything is in your control.

Reason #7 – Influence

With a great website you could have thousands of people seeing it. You can influence their decisions based on the content of your website. Most of us buy things on a whim. A cleverly built website can get those wallets and purses to open.

Reason #8 – Imagery

It’s all very well having a lovely restaurant, hotel, pub etc but without a website you can’t show it off. A website lets you showcase your best rooms, the building, people enjoying themselves and so on. An image is worth a thousand words. On a website the visitor will see why they need to go to your and try it.

Reason #9 – Low cost entry

There are many low cost (or no cost) ways to get a website. You don’t have to spend a lot if you don’t have a lot.

Reason #10 – Smash your competitors out the water

With a truly amazing website you can dominate your field. Many websites out there are pretty awful. By having a great one you can smash your competitors and start grabbing some of their business. Even the big boys can look feeble and struggle to maintain their lead over you online.

Simon Day

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