Would you use photos that could put people off your business?

I see a company popping up on one of my social media channels quite often. I’d like to chat about how I think sometimes, photos can do more harm than good.

First off, this is NOT a hit piece against this company. I won’t reveal who they are, where they are based or what social media platform this is on. They have numerous social media reviews and all of the reviews are singing praises over the food. They even have footballers promoting and eating there.

It appears what they serve is good. The problem is that the images they are putting up on social media to portray it are not flattering at all. I’d go as far as to say that the images they are putting online could be putting people off going there.

Look at these two photos and tell me which one looks the more appealing. The photos on the left are from the company on my feed. The photos on the right are images I’ve found online when searching for take-away boxes.

I don’t have any take-away boxes at my house and with the lock-down, I can’t get any so for now, I have to find what I can online.

Of those two which would get your money for a takeaway? I’m not sure why they didn’t at least wipe the sauce off of the lid. That quick wipe would have least made the photo look a little better.

Let’s try the same thing again. Which of these would you be most likely to eat…

The food on the left probably tastes wonderful, the presentation though? If I had the choice I’d go for the one of the right every time.

In the next example below, they are showing an empty box where the food is gone. This can often be a great idea as it shows that the customers love the food. Do you think this is a great example of that? More importantly, does this next photo make you feel hungry or make you feel like ordering off of them?

Food gone from takeway box

These photos from this company have honestly put me off. As I said, the social media reviews are all 5 stars so it may taste amazing. But if that is the case, these photos are not doing their food any justice and at least for me, have put me off going there.

The image of your business is so important. While being active on social media is a good thing, posting photos that can ‘potentially’ harm your brand is not so good.

I may be wrong, I may not be the market they are targeting. I just can’t help feeling that their photos are not doing their takeaway any justice.

If you would like some more professional looking product photography photos for when this lock-down is over, please let me know.

Simon Day

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