2016 Web design and UX trends

2016 is going to a year of big changes with regards to how websites will look and feel. In this post we’ll look at what is likely to be seen more and more this year.

Perhaps the biggest increase we will see is the use of full width images and video on the homepage. The correct image or video can have a strong impact on the visitor. When someone comes on to a page with a full screen image it stops and really makes them look. Get the right image and it will really engage the visitor. Get the wrong one and it will drive them away.

Combined with the full screen image is clear, simple text. Just a sprinkling of text to really highlight what the site is all about.

Another design change that we will see more of this year is moving away from side columns and more use of the space a single column gives to better highlight your point and call to action.

thedeepend has come up with these and other trends you’re likely to see this year.

2016 web design and UX trends


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