5 questions to ask a wedding photographer

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer can be really difficult. Lots of people whittle down the list but still end up with half a dozen to choose from. These questions will whittle down your list even further…

How many photos will you supply?

There can be too many photos…

This is a great indicator to judge what kind of photos you’ll get. If they immediately say “500+, 600+, 700+” walk away. If all you want are snapshots then these photographers will give you exactly that. Getting those precious moments can take time and patience, neither of which your photographer will have if he or she is against the clock making up numbers.

Do you have multiple cameras with multiple card slots?

Redundancy is the key to making sure your wedding photos have the very best chance of being delivered to you. Although SD card failure is rare, it can happen. All professional cameras have dual card slots, make sure each camera used also has dual card slots.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Often overlooked but vitally important!

This can be easily overlooked but some vendors will insist on seeing the wedding photographers public liability insurance before allowing them inside to photograph the wedding. You don’t want to suddenly be without a wedding photographer as you’re about to walk down the aisle.

Do you use Flashes?

You need a wedding photographer with a lot of options.

It’s rare to have the perfect lighting. A lot of receptions will be in dark rooms. Having the ability to light up, or overpower lighting like tungsten will greatly help your photos to ‘pop’.

What happens if you fall ill?

Illness can happen.

The photographer should have a back-up in case they become ill. This is where a second photographer is always handy but they should have options should they fall ill or be unable to attend. Wedding photographers do tend to know one another and they are likely to know others with a similar style to themselves.

As long as you’ve paid around market rate, getting a good replacement should be easy. If you went cheap, your photographer may struggle to find someone who will also shoot the wedding that cheap. You will get what you pay for.

I hope that helps!

The easiest way to find a wedding photographer is to find a style you are after and then find someone who closely matches that style. If you’re after a wedding photographer in the UK why not check out my style.

Simon Day

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