Drag Queen portrait photoshoot in a pole dancing club

I really love how this job keeps differing from project to project. This time I was asked to photograph an amazing drag queen, Lola, who needed portrait and dancing poses for a project she will be involved in next year. See how the shoot went and what I used to capture the shots…

I was approached by Lola, a.k.a. Jack for some urgent portrait shots he needed for an exciting and important event in her life. The photos needed were mostly action shots and some drag poses.

We had the location all to ourselves and I used my 85mm 1.4 so I was always at least 5 metres away from Lola.

I had two different setups. The on-stage shots were 5 lights, some gelled. The off-stage shots were mostly just a Speedlight as the main light and another Speedlight gelled to add a little extra dimension to the shots…

I tried using the clubs own lighting to add some ambient and colour to the shots but the lights did no justice. I quickly overpowered them and simply used my own. The dancing cage shot had two different speedlights at the back of the cage to give Lola some nicer separation. I went for a deep red gel on one and a softer purple gel on the other so they blended in a pleasing way.

Set-up for this shoot:

Camera Set-up
1 x Sony A9
1x 85mm 1.4GM
1x X-Pro Trigger

1x Godox AD600 Pro
1x Godox AD200
1x Godox V1
2x Godox TT685’s
1x Reflector Dish
1x Stripbox on the AD200

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Simon Day

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