If you could only have one flash, what would it be?

Lighting is becoming a much greater part of my style. Pretty much every shoot incorporates at least one external light. You develop favourites. Do you have a favourite for each type of photoshoot you do? I know mine 🙂

Event Photography

This is the easiest one, especially for low light and dark venues; I’d go with the Godox V1. It’s small, lightweight, it can handle High-Speed Sync (HSS) and can also be used as a controller for other Godox lights if needed.

The accessory pack with dome, grid, barn door etc is VERY useful! Put the dome on, maybe even the white bounce card and you have an incredible looking light that absolutely doesn’t look like the light you’d expect from what is effectively a Speedlight.

Bride by window at Exeter golf and country club.
A Beautiful soft light from the Godox V1

I nearly always have the Godox V1 on one of my cameras at a wedding. For events where extra light is needed, the V1 is a fantastic all-rounder but you do have to mindful that it doesn’t pack a lot of power so it’s not much use in harsh light or bright light.

Wedding Photography

Now, this is where it gets a little more tricky. The Godox V1 is always on one camera. The problem is a lot of the day needs more light than the V1 can pump out. I am finding myself using the Godox AD200 more and more. I attach the white dome to the top of the AD200 and it bounces beautiful light. If you can’t bounce then even pointing the domed AD200 at the subject, the light can be pleasing.

So, if I had to choose only one, it would be the AD200 for weddings. It is 3 times the power of a Speedlight and it bounces light really nicely. The AD200 would be able to handle most of a day, whereas the V1 would struggle for some parts of the day. I am using the AD200 more and more now and I love the light it produces.

Godox AD200 lighting
The AD200 can produce lovely soft light

Harsh light Photography

Sometimes, you find yourself out in the midday summer sun, no shade, super harsh shadows on the people you need to photo and you need to get the shot. This scenario does happen a lot at weddings and events. Sometimes it is impossible to move people to the shade (event podiums, race tracks etc). If I knew I was going to be in direct, harsh sunlight, the Godox AD600 pro would be my go-to light. I can shoot wide open, F1.4, at 1/8000 of a second and have the power to light up the scene in a pleasing way.

At 600 watts, you can overpower the sun. I have now bought a second AD200 and I link them together with the twin-head attachment. I think the twin AD200’s would still need to be very close to the subject in the harshest light so I feel the AD600 Pro gives me a little extra more wiggle room in midday weddings with group shots.

AD600 Pro lighting
You never have to worry about being outside with the AD600 Pro

If I could only ever have one light…

I would cheat on this just slightly, I’d have the two AD200’s on the twin head as my only light. That set-up wouldn’t be able to cover everything, but it could cover most things. I could separate them for things like receptions so I could have a sneaky two light set-up instead of one.

I took this shot on the duel AD200 set-up and I have to say, I love the light!

Brides with friends at Exeter University

What order would I buy the lighting?

If I were to do it again I’d go in this order:

  • Godox V1
  • 5 in 1 reflector
  • Godox AD200
  • A second Godox AD200 with the AD-B2 to connect both
  • Cheap speedlights
  • Godox AD600 pro

I still have my old Nikon speedlights and I also have a couple of the Godox TT685 speedlights. I love back-lighting, rim-lighting and bounce-lighting when I already have the AD600 Pro and AD200 as the key light and fill light.

Even with just speedlights, you’d be surprised what you can acheive…

Spiderman with Speedlights
Spiderman lit with speedlights.

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