Google IS going to separate mobile and desktop searches

For all those who have websites that are not mobile friendly you really need to pay attention to this post. Either way BIG changes are coming to the way Google indexes your website on both mobile and desktop results!

Over the course of the next few months you might start to notice changes in the search results when searching on a desktop compared to a tablet or PC.


This is due to Google starting to index mobile websites separately. Many of us in the business have known this has been coming for quite a long time. What I didn’t know was how this was going to work. Although we still don’t know the full details read the following carefully, it has HUGE implications!

The mobile results will be the ‘primary’ results

What this means is Google will be focusing on the mobile results as its highest priority. Websites on their desktop results will be secondary and will not be as up-to-date compared to the mobile results.

Let’s see what this means in reality

Let’s start by looking at the last 28 days on Torbay Fishing…

Torbay Fishing Stats.

Mobile and Tablet hits are almost 68% of all the visitors to the site. Currently the website dominates the search results for many, many keywords and long tail searches. The results Google displays are currently the same on desktop and mobile because they both pull in the same data. When the change happens the primary source of data will be mobile search results.

If Torbay Fishing wasn’t mobile friendly I might see some big changes once this happens. Thankfully it has been mobile friendly for four years now so I’m looking forward to seeing the changes.

Google does have a tool to check if your website is mobile friendly or not:

Mobile friendly.

This change IS coming and it’s coming soon. If your website isn’t optmised for mobile devices be prepared to see big changes to your visitor numbers!

A few more answers can be found here…

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