Nature is so beautiful

The lockdown has caused a lot of us to stop and think, to wonder about priorities, to contemplate what is important for our own wellbeing. It’s surprising what could be on our very own doorsteps…

Since the stricter lock-down has ended, I’ve been going out doing a lot more walks in nature. I’ve been searching out new locations which have fewer people around, so I can enjoy what I’m doing while worrying less about shielding myself from others, and visa versa.

One of the places I’m visiting a lot more is Clennon Lakes. The lakes are located in Goodrington, Paignton. There are next to the Velopark and Devon Bay holiday park. Up until I moved near here a couple of years ago, I had no idea they were even there. Few people realise just how much wildlife is in and around the lakes. Take a look at these examples of wildlife photos I’ve taken there…

A Kingfisher flying past me at the Middle lake.

You will often find Kingfishers here during different parts of the year as they breed. They are very fast-moving and can be difficult to spot. They have a very distinctive call; High pitched and in bursts. If you hear one you’ll almost certainly see one just moments later as they call out while they are flying.

All throughout the year there are baby birds being born on the lakes…

There are also birds of prey around here…

Clennon lakes, woods and park have a variety of birds of prey. You can find buzzards, peregrine falcons and Sparrowhawks breeding and nesting high on the highest trees. They come down to hunt often. I’ve even seen the buzzard sat in my garden looking for meals to fly or scurry past.

This is the most common Heron down on the lakes.
A Heron with it’s breakfast meal.

This Heron is on the lakes almost all of the time. Its favourite spots are the two biggest lakes down there.

There is so much to see when we stop and the take time to look. I’m trying to make more time to go out and enjoy what’s around me.

Clennon Lakes is a nice place to spend some time.

Simon Day

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