Product photography for Amazon and shopping carts

I had a new client reach out, asking if I did product photography. He wanted pure white backgrounds for his products. I have everything necessary for this and I have one very happy new client. See how I achieved it…

I’ve had my huge white roller of paper and stand for a while. These are always useful as they can be used for portrait photography as well as product photography. I can easily turn the background pure white, or even off-white, like in this portrait photoshoot session with a local drag queen and entertainer.

The most important thing I need to know is how large the products are. That will determine if I can use my small home studio or if I need to hire a much larger warehouse or larger studio.

Some of his items were extremely reflective so I had to be careful how I lit those items and how I placed them. For the most part, it was all about the light…

White background for amazon product photos.
Different chairs at different angles. All with the pure white background.

Once I had completed the larger items, I used my smaller rolls of white paper for the smaller items…

These door handles were very reflective so a lot of care was needed.

I know these are not the most exciting products but I hope this shows that with some thought and with the right lighting, I can achieve what you need if you want to put clean product photos on Amazon or your own shopping cart. I’m based in Torbay, Devon and I would be happy to give you a quote.

And finally; a behind the scenes look at my home studio and how I lit the bigger items on this product photography session.

Product photography – behind the scenes

Simon Day

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