Taekwondo photoshoot with Mason at Youngs Park, Goodrington, Paignton, Devon.

I’ve been wanting to have a taekwondo photoshoot for quite a while and I finally managed to get one arranged with the very talented Mason.

Mason is a European Taekwondo-Do Champion and a 2nd Dan BlackBelt so he was a perfect choice.

As we both live in Paignton, I know that Youngs Park is a great choice because there are so many different options to choose from. It never matters if someone is in a spot you want to shoot from because you can pick another until it becomes free. A Sunday is always pretty busy there but each location was clear of people so we had no problems.

We met at 5pm but the sun was still quite harsh so we started off at the band-stand and then moved to the Spanish shelter. I was going to have a 2 light setup but after a few test shots, I decided that a single AD600 Pro was more than enough so put the other away again.

I started off with the 24-70mm lens and switched to the 70-200mm once I had enough wide shots. I also took a few shots with the 20mm and 85mm. I wonder if you can spot which photos I took with those? 🙂

I tend to start off with the wider shots because nerves are nearly always there to begin with. I only start taking the closer shots once we are well into the photoshoot.

I had with me 3 different types of light diffusion but actually ended up just using the reflector dish that comes with the AD600 Pro. I wanted a more harder light and the reflector does a great job lighting the scene and Mason.

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Simon Day

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