Wedding Photographer at a joyful summer wedding at the Bickley Mill Inn, Newton Abbot

Picture a hot June day with the sun beaming down, casting its hazy glow over a picturesque countryside setting. The Bickley Mill Inn in Newton Abbot provided the perfect backdrop for a truly enchanting wedding celebration. I had the honor of capturing the most treasured moments of the day, from the radiant bride’s preparation to the heartfelt ceremony, accompanied by delightful confetti showers and group captures. As the day unfolded, I led the newlyweds to the charming old barn above the car park, where rustic elegance embraced their love. Let me take you on a journey through the day.

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Renewal of Vows at Kingskerswell Parish Church, Newton Abbot

Paul and Julie have been married for 10 years and wanted to celebrate this with a renewal of vows. The wedding photographer on their wedding day had really let them down. There were specific photos that they wanted to be done again and I was told to be creative for the rest. The pressure was on to make sure I achieved everything they needed.

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Cosplay photo shoot in Newton Abbot, Devon

Deadpool, A.K.A Sean, asked if I could collaborate on a photo shoot. I photographed Spiderman at my home studio just a couple of days before the lockdown. Sean was really keen to have his own session but we had to wait until the restrictions had started easing up. We met at the car park next to the Penn Inn roundabout and we shot in and around the tunnels under the roundabout.

The area was popular with cyclists, some tearing through the tunnels at max speed so for the most part we kept to one side and shot in the middle only when necessary for composition.

Deadpool brought a smile to several smaller faces, as well as some mid teen faces. He sure was popular with everyone coming through 🙂

I had with me my AD600 Pro and a parabolic softbox so I could light Sean even in harsh sunlight. I mostly used the 85mm 1.4 and a few from the 24-70mm 2.8. These lenses allowed me to keep 2-10 metres away from Sean for the entire shoot.

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