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Want more people following you on Twitter? These are the 5 basic MUST do’s!

If you’re new to Twitter it can be a little confusing on where to start and how to get followers. Unless you’re very famous you’re not going to get 1000’s of new followers after a single tweet. I screen everyone before I follow them and so do many others that I know.

There are some real basic things you MUST do before you start your journey on Twitter so let’s look at the easiest top 5 things to do. Continue reading

Twitter Tips.

The best times to tweet on Twitter

Do your tweets not seem to reach out as far as you thought it would? It could be that your content isn’t as engaging as you had hoped. Is it also possible that you’re tweeting at the wrong time of day?

Getting the time right is important. Targeting the age-group at the right time of the day (or night) will help you reach the people you’re hoping to attract. Continue reading