Wedding Photographer at Holne Park House in Newton Abbot, Devon

It was my first time back at Holne Park House in a while but it is a venue that never disappoints, with plenty of places for beautiful photos. Let’s take a look at how the wedding day unfolded.

This was a September Wedding at the Holne Park House in Newton Abbot, Devon. Although the weather forecast didn’t look good, it was a brilliant day weather-wise. I always arrive early. I met the Bride and Groom (Sophie and Adam) straight away and the plan was to have the ceremony outside.

It was real touch and go as the weather said rain around the time of the ceremony. Credit to the venue, they left the decision until right at the last minute. The result was that the ceremony went ahead outside and just beat the rain…

This wedding was a little strange, but I think it was because of staffing issues. The guests had a three-course meal but it was almost exactly an hour between each course. That meant that it was three hours before the speeches etc started. We were lucky that the timeline was pretty flexible.

There are so many places to go for photos. I’m thankful that I went there a few weeks before to check out the locations. Because this summer was very hot with little rain, the river was the lowest I’ve ever seen and was not really usable as a location. This meant I didn’t waste time going to a location that was no good. I always try to check out a place that I haven’t been to for a while, just for exact situations like this.

The weekend of the wedding was incredibly busy with families on holiday. That wasn’t an issue for the wedding as the weddings are separated from the holiday people. The wedding party has full use of the hotel and the rooms contained within. This makes it ideal, even when the grounds are packed.

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Simon Day

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