Wedding Photographer at the Hope Barton Barns in Kingsbridge, Devon

This was a wedding venue we were looking forward to photographing. They only have a couple of weddings a year, so this was a real opportunity to photograph at a venue few others have been able to photograph. Let’s see how we got on…

I had William as my second shooter for this one. While I was photographing the bridal prep he was a busy bee grabbing the candids and groups shots of the people arriving, something the Bride would not see otherwise.

Hope Barton Barns is tucked away in a valley. It has gorgeous grounds and is a wonderful venue for a wedding. There is no phone signal on any network provider there, so be warned! They do have wifi in some parts of the grounds.

The bridal prep was perhaps the most chilled one I’ve photographed. Everyone was so calm and on it. This was also the first time I’ve ever seen three people working in unison like this: one person was doing another’s hair. The person having their hair done was, at the same time, putting the mak-up on a third person. It made me smile watching how on it they were 🙂

Enough talk, let’s look at a few wedding photos:

This wedding was planned down to minute details. My one worry going into this was that there wasn’t much time set aside for the Bridge and Groom shots, but they had a big list of poses. In the end, after walking to three different locations, I only had less than 10 minutes of actual Bride and Groom Photography. If it’s important to you and you have a lot of ideas, please make sure you give it plenty of time.

The wedding was in a barn. This doesn’t sound all that great, but when you see the results of the decorating, I’ll think you’ll agree, it looks amazing and on the day, it felt like a really rustic and earthly wedding.

The wedding reception was an area that is usually open but was covered for this event. After the meals, people were moved down to the games area and the reception was converted to a dance floor with a live band.

Wedding Photography Talk

This wedding highlighted the importance of having the correct wedding photography equipment. Exactly halfway through the day, an SD card failed in Williams Camera. Because all four cameras have ‘dual SD card slots’, we simply swapped out the failed card and carried on. Because there is a second card slot in every camera we knew there would not be any issues.

Now I use brand new SD cards at the start of every wedding season. That card had only seen a dozen weddings and half a dozen events. I purchased it from a camera shop so I know they are not fakes, unlike the fakes on a major online store that sells everything.

It does not matter how new the cards are, or how careful you are, SD cards do fail. Please, please, ALWAYS make sure your wedding photographer shoots with cameras which ALL have dual card slots in each camera!

Our Wedding photography equipment for the day:

  • 2 x Sony A9
  • 1 x Sony A7IV
  • 1 x Sony A7iii
  • 1x Godox AD 600 Pro
  • 2x Godox V1
  • 2x Godox TT685s
  • 1x Sony 85mm f1.4GM
  • 1x Sony 24mm f1.4GM
  • 1x Sony 24-70mm f2.8GM
  • 1x Sony 70-200mm f2.8GM

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