Brand photography for Doggy Day Care in Torquay

A local doggy daycare needed some photos for branding. With the help of my dog Bo we set off on a doggy adventure!

Laura from Sound as a Hound picked me up in the morning and I spent the morning with her as she collected her dogs for the day. The van is fully kitted out with kennels, straps, water etc. The thing that I notice is how much all the dogs love her, including my own 🙂

The object of the day was to get some hero shots, walking shots, control shots and of course, cute dog shots.

Laura has a number of places she goes where there are few people and dogs. She’s conscious of the fact she has a number of dogs and she doesn’t want to frighten other people or dogs. We did meet a couple of people she comes across and all the people and dogs were fantastic.

Let’s have a look at the photos from the photoshoot…

Laura was super nervous. My process is to be as natural as possible for this kind of photoshoot. I like to talk and joke. If I see a smile or something is about to happen, I’ll take a photo. I will ask what’s possible and work around it.

As an example, I knew we needed a hero shot, a letterbox 16:9 ratio with Laura in the shot with the dogs sat down and in control. Working with animals is notoriously tricky but as you can see from above, it was achieved perfectly.

Sometimes I’ll stage things, but I like to keep it natural because being natural always looks so natural.

My choice of camera gear was simple; My Sony A9 and the Sony 24-70mm f2.8 and Sony 70-200mm f2.8

I needed my fastest tracking lenses. I was flicking between animal tracking and human tracking as I went along. It was quite a bright day so a little challenging but nothing I couldn’t handle.

In total, I delivered 163 photos to Laura.

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Simon Day

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