Wedding photography at the Headland Hotel at Daddyhole Plain in Torquay, Devon.

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding because I knew of a location for the Bride and Groom portraits that very few people know of. This spot was so close to the venue, I admit, I was very excited to take the Bride and Groom there. This was another perfect weather day and a fantastic venue…

My teenage years were spent at the Marstan Hotel just down the road. As a side note; The name Marstan came from merging my Nan and Granddad’s names; Marge and Stan. It’s nice to have that permanent reminder 🙂

Because I grew up in the area I know it very well. The Headland Hotel is situated right by DaddyHole Plain (an amazing viewing point in Torbay). It is also just up from Meadfoot Beach.

The weather was perfect. A beautiful sunny, warm day at the beginning of May. For Weddings, they close off the main outside area to the public. That means the wedding has private access to the Venue room, the outside area (called the Gallery Lounge), the dining pod, and the gardens below.

Let’s take a look at some photos from the day…

The venue room has glass doors all the way along so the natural light in the room is beautiful. There is a real light and airy feel inside the venue. The ceremony room is darker but with a little bit of our own lighting, it also made the ceremony room feel light and airy.

After the ceremony, there are plenty of options, no matter the weather. Most people chose to sit out in the Gallery Lounge and after a while, we all went down to the gardens for the formals.

The BBQ laid on by the hotel was delicious. It’s actually rare that we get fed, even when paid for by the Bride and Groom, so it was nice that we were able to sit down and eat something.

After the speeches, the Bride and Groom sneaked off with me to a secret location I’ve been wanting Bride and Groom photos for ages. The spot overlooks Meadfoot and Thatcher’s Rock.

This time away from the guests is ALWAYS a time that every Bride and Groom has been thankful for. For them, the day is full-on, with no time to catch their breath. Even if you don’t want photos, I’d highly encourage you to set aside some time alone in the afternoon.

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